Speaking strictly from a biological perspective, any human organism that has a mortal
enemy needs to destroy it, and any ideology that does not support this is immoral. Of
course some men want to think of themselves as something else, not realizing that
own animal reality is a good possession, ignorant of the fact that all the higher qualities
any man is heir to stems from that. This is hard to accept, that man's higher self comes
the fact you are an animal. So you go down all the roads to the spiritually higher
goals, and what you find is that when you have gone there and done those things it is
because of what you inherently are and that is you are an animal, a very highly advanced
animal, and without a valid shame of it. This understanding has many unexpected
consequences. The most noble seeming things reveal themselves as hollow, and their
apparent shell
as simply part of what you were to begin with. You tuck it in and go on.
Another, greater height appeals to you, and you seek to attain it, and you do attain it,
because it is something you are capable of doing. Eventually you acquire an understanding,
not a facade, not a sheer mist of appearance but a genuine comprehension: some of the
qualities of your character
that you have been trying to get rid of are actually some of your
most valuable possessions. When you reach this point, remember
this, that you need to
believe only what is true, that you need to do what is in your own real interest, and that the
only legitimate authority over your own life and yourself
is you. Then keep going, and as
you fully understand why, you will discover that your hope was not empty.

by Robert Hampton Burt                                                              main page

[I posted this as B.Brave on October 14, 2020 at counter-currents.com as a comment. They have
published articles by a writer whose name is Robert Hampton. I and that person are not the same
person. My surname is Burt, not Hampton. Hampton is my middle name. I often use B.Brave or
Bobby Brave as a pen name when writing.]