Open Letter to a Member of a Church of Jehovah's Witnesses

Donna H.
621 Ranchero Road
Kerrville, Texas 78028

Dear Donna H.

     Thank you very much for your letter.
     I am responding to clarify my lack of need for your concern.
     I was born into a Christian environment and even today I study the Bible often. It is an interesting
document from ancient times. I like to use the website because they
make available many different translations. This is helpful because the English language that you
and I speak today did not exist when the Bible was written, and by considering different translations
a person can sometimes understand the original meaning better. One example is the sentence, "The
love of money is the root of all evil." (I Timothy 6:10) By examining the original Greek text, one
can easily discover that what Jesus really said was probably more similar to saying in English, "Do
not be greedy, because greed causes many problems," and that some English translations made from
the same original Greek text are mistaken.
     Such errors are matters of substance. For instance, the idea that the love of money is evil is
potentially a harmful concept for anyone to believe in and adopt in their everyday behavior. Also, it
is obvious there are many evils that have nothing to do with love of money, and it is equally clear
that some aspects of a love of money do not necessarily cause evil of any sort. In the case of this
particular saying, and because of the incorrect ways it has been translated and preached, it has
impacted many people's lives negatively and given them an incorrect perception of Jesus and what
his real teaching was. In this way, superficial Bible study can and often does result in people
unconsciously disliking Jesus and mistrusting those who preach the incorrect meanings, which,
unfortunately, are very widespread and are almost never thought about carefully.
     I do not love Jesus. I do not believe that Jesus is anyone's savior. Indeed, there is reason to suspect
that the Bible's story about Jesus is significantly untrue — worse, that it may be the opposite of what
it claims to be — and that people who believe in him and make his teachings the center of their lives
are harming themselves and others in subtle ways, but in ways which are extremely damaging to
themselves and each other.
     If you would like to talk with me about this, I am open to discussing it. If interested you may
contact me at this number: (830) 258-6039. Please do not presume, however, that you will convert me
to your religion, for once a person carefully examines Christian belief they can then no longer accept
     Because I do not admire or respect the Christian religion, or the beliefs of its practitioners and
unthinking advocates, I would like to suggest that you will most likely do best by helping people in
ways which are undeniably of genuine benefit to them, instead of in ways which many Christian
believers merely believe have spiritual or moral value without thinking very carefully.


Robert Hampton Burt

Ps. I am not an atheist or a Muslim, and I am not an adherent of any other religious theology.

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