A Few Words About Sex

by Robert Hampton Burt

The primary biological purpose of sex is to produce offspring. To ensure its success it was made pleasurable.
In humans, pleasure can legitimately be engaged in for its own purpose, in part because it helps bring about
a feeling of physical well being and genuinely good mental health, and in the case of sex it involves physical
exertion, which is exercise. Imagination, observation, and experience all suggest that the pleasure of sex can
be enhanced by sharing it with and among other humans. Although immediate and anonymous sexual
activity with others is possible and can be very satisfactory in a wide variety of ways, interacting socially
with other human beings tends to be safer, is often more convenient, is typically more comfortable, and is
absolutely widespread. In these ways, sex legitimately serves the purpose of providing incentive for social
interaction, which means it can be a valid basis for many types of social activities and even the basis for
many different styles of civilization. Additionally, the prostate gland functions not only as a delivery system
for sperm, but also helps to eliminate certain toxins from the body; thus, sexual activity, especially for males,
is legitimately multi-functional biologically and necessary for good physical and mental health. In these ways,
and also in several other ways, engaging in sexual activity is a necessary and highly moral behavior. The ideas
that sex is inherently evil, damaging to one's health or mind, that it ought to be illegal, or that it leads to
damnation and therefore to hell, are ignorant misunderstandings, are false, and are harmful, psychologically,
emotionally, and physically. For these reasons, the forceful imposition of such beliefs onto others is a form of
abuse. And because the undesirable consequences of such imposition are sexual in nature, they are a type of
sexual abuse.

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