The World can be Very Beautiful Visually.

Sound can be organized in beautiful ways.
Flavor can be made the focus of a meal.
Smell can be important, intriguing, lovely,
Touch enhanced to the point of ecstasy.

But these are our interpretations of the world,
Perceptions produced by living organisms
That have sprung up within it, ourselves objects of the world,
Savoring the world. They lead nowhere but to themselves
And each other, then to the world again, which, although a
Destiny or sorts, does not seem ultimate.

If the world is all there is, life is a solitary thing,
Hungry for existence, yet nothing but the same.

Odd that one of us (a world-thing — in the world and of it)
Would have this yearning for otherness,
If there is no otherness to have.

by Robert Hampton Burt
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