Open Letter to Interested Persons - 01


Heard last night we're entering a new ice age, but they're not sure yet whether
it's a Solar Minimum (which could last 50 years) or a Grand Solar Minimum
(which could last a thousand years). One article said that last time the North
Sea froze and you could travel from England to Denmark on foot over the ice
and that they even built hotels on the ice to make money off the people who
did that, there were so many of them.

A different article said it was discovered recently that our sun produces micro
novas periodically, and that everything is killed on the side of the earth that is
facing the sun when the energy gets here. There might be several hours of
warning, but would they tell us? Maybe not. So I looked at my shovel
collection yesterday to make sure I have the right sort and I may decide to start
digging any day now. Asteroids, comets, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes,
volcanos,  lightning, landslides, avalanches, tsunamis, 100 foot rogue waves,
sharks, piranhas, cannibals, dentists, the earth is a frightful place.

So, if the sky is blue and the wind isn't knocking things over, a person should be
pretty happy.

Fully grown now. Will be fully grown again tomorrow. Another day to try and get it right.

Hope you and yours are doing O.K. 

Take care, but not all of it. And don't keep it too long. Get rid of it often.


(Hampton Burt)
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