They are saying that a virus is not alive. Yet its structure is ordered. In this sense
its structure can be said to be organized. In this sense it is an organism. If it is not
alive, this can only mean that a
lthough a virus is not alive it can have a behavior.
More accurately perhaps would be the description that it can cause events, the word
'behavior' having implications of being consciously intentional and the phenomena
caused by viruses being somewhat likely to be a series of consequences brought
about by the physical configuration of its material components.
This must mean that
physical material can be un-alive and occur in a physical form that initiates and/or
performs a process on other physical forms, such as, in the case of viruses, self-
replication through the use of materials existing in other physical forms which may
be said to be alive, such as human cells, as in human flesh and other human organs
and body parts.
Though we are not in the habit of perceiving the world as being like
this, o
ur entire universe is of this character (that physical materials can be said to
have behaviors
, or to precipitate events and other phenomena). It has been said that
the science of chemistry is in a sense part of the science of physics, the way
chemicals act together, or in relation to each other, being
essentially physical in
nature. All this phenomena need not require the action of an entity. It could simply
have occurred in the same way that a pile of rocks can in profile appear to be similar
to that of a specific human face.
Such phenomena are simply within the nature and
character of physical material in our universe.

Robert Hampton Burt
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