I tend to think of myself in wordless ways. It is not incorrect to say that I am
a speculator and an investor. But those descriptions are incomplete and in
some ways misleading. I spend a lot of time trying to determine what my
actions need to be in order to make a decent living while increasing my net
worth. I think of myself as being primarily involved in using the money and
other resources that I have in increasing the money and resources that I have.
I don't think of myself as being involved in stocks or bonds or futures contracts
primarily, although those are some of the tools that I use. I think of myself as
being involved in managing the possibility of loss while positioning my funds
in ways that cause my funds to increase. I cultivate the acquisition of money,
preferably without involving other persons. Kind of in ways similar to using a
recipe while being the only cook in the kitchen.

This is not to say that I have no morals. Indeed I do have very strong moral
values, and I believe it is very important to omit committing inhumane actions
toward others. In this world, it is not necessary to be a bloodthirsty predator in
order to be successful and healthy.

by Robert Hampton Burt
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