A Little Story

     A boy was working on his hobby, and his father said to him, "It really doesn't need
to be perfect, you know. Sometimes good enough is best."
     The boy replied, "I'm following instructions."
     "Whose instructions?"
     "I'm doing what the person in charge of my life wants me to do.
     "Who is that
?" the man asked.
     "Me," the boy said.
     "What about Jesus?"
     "Jesus had a life of his own, and he lost it."
     "If you give something to someone and they lose it, that means they didn't deserve to
have it, so don't give them anything else."
     "Therefore you're in charge of your own life?"
     "That's right."
     "Sounds good to me. Mind if I use that idea?"
     "You can if you want to. It's not up to me."
     Jesus not being present, the man and the boy both went about their tasks knowing
that each was in charge of his own life, and both of their projects turned out very, very

Robert Hampton Burt

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