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In Celebration of the                          Spirit Song                                        For all the Dead Soldiers                   Metamorphosis                           
Folly of Temporal Matters  



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Mentioned in Passing || Sonata in a Coffeepot || Line Drawing Number Twenty || Line Drawing Number Sixteen || Cinderella's Waltz

Bassline Set to a Well-known Tune || Debate on the Shape of a Hat || Line Drawing Number Fifteen || A Dance for Three Feet || Line Drawing Number Eighteen

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All of this music is available in printed form. If interested, please inquire by email.


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 Ethereal Knack || Song of the Absolute || The Armies of the Lost || On Wings of Fire ||

Oh! Friend! Do Not Twist your Knife So Hard!

When the Time Comes  || Before Men Descended from the Trees to Walk Across the Grassy Plains || At Evening

The Variety of Days || Bird of Paradise || And Then Enander Sang

Selfish Gain, No Other || I Am Older Than This Room || When the Time Comes  ||

DREG, my handmade poetry book (handmade by me), is available in a limited edition of 50 signed copies, for $50 each. Please inquire by EMAIL.


Short Stories

Father Bryan Gets a Life || A Case of Spider Justice


Miscellaneous Writings

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