Robert Hampton Burt

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My Music


Warrior Soul

For the Flight of a Swan


Spirit Song

Moving Along


For All The Dead Soldiers

Line Drawing Number Eighteen 

Mentioned in Passing 

Line Drawing Number Twenty 


Line Drawing Number Fifteen 

Line Drawing Number Sixteen 

In Celebration of the Folly of Temporal Matters 

Cinderella's Waltz 

Bassline Set to a Well-known Tune 

Sonata in a Coffeepot 

Debate on the Shape of a Hat 

A Dance for Three Feet 

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All of this music is available in printed form. If interested, please enquire by email.


My Poems

Oh! Friend! Do Not Twist Your Knife So Hard!

Selfish Gain, No Other

The Variety of Days 

Song of the Happy Engineer

On Wings of Fire 

The Armies of the Lost 

Ethereal Knack 

Song of the Absolute 

The Unkown Way 

When the Time Comes  

Before Men Descended from the Trees to Walk Across the Grassy Plains

I am an Apple 

The Infinite Forms Which Perfection Takes 


And Then Enander Sang 

The World 

Bird of Paradise 

There is Tattered Lace Upon the Breast of My Loved One

Cruelty Was the Only Thing She Knew 

Words to Fill an Empty House 

At Evening 

I Am Older Than This Room 

To Whom It May Concern 

A Place Not Far Away

My poetry book containing more than 100 poems is available at



My Short Stories

Every Man is an Island

Father Bryan Gets a Life

A Case of Spider Justice

My short story collection:



Miscellaneous Writings

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My Art


Metaphoric Trees
4" by 5 3/4"
Pencil on paper

Trench in Violet Ground
 About 3 1/2 by 7
Pencil on paper

Seascape 26
Oil on gessoed panel, 8" by 10"


Leaves and Blades.jpg (429077 bytes)

 Leaves and Blades
 Oil on canvas 24" by 32"

Some photos I made


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