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 Mentioned In Passing (my favorite) . Line Drawing Number 18 (my next favorite) 

 Warrior Soul . Smooth . Line Drawing Number 16 . Line Drawing Number 10 

For All the Dead Soldiers . Line Drawing Number 15 . Debate on the Shape of a Hat 

 Excavations Undertaken in the Absence of Space and Time . Bass Line Set to a Well-known Tune 

 In Celebration of the Folly of Temporal Matters . Happy Birthday Jesus Cinderella's Waltz 

 Line Drawing Number 20 . Quick Dance . A Dance for Three Feet Sonata in a Coffee Pot 

   Line Drawing Number 18 (same piece, different instrument, with evolving sustained tones) 

 A Piper's Tune Just Laughing . Nightscape . For the Flight of a Swan . Moving Along 

 All of this music is available for keyboard in printed form.
A CD containing 25 compositions is available for $10.
The sound quality is slightly better on the CD.
If interested, please inquire by email


 Sky Blue Lake . Before Men Descended from the Trees to Walk Across the Grassy Plains At Evening

The Variety of Days And Then Enander Sang I Am Older Than This Room 

 Ethereal Knack Song of the Absolute On Wings of Fire 

 A book of my poems-- DREG --is available in a limited edition, for $12 each. Please inquire by email

Very Short Stories

 Spirit Gold . Rex . Box 


 Sky Blue Lake . Without Any Warning at All . Bird of Paradise    


 A book I've written 

 A Commentary on The Book of Acts (Acts of The Apostles) 



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